Montag, 29. September 2014


here all soon new pictures from my live pleasw add me there

propgation is really  still here mostly littel fm prop ssb prop is mostly still here

i think soon cycel down here

13IR779/13ZZ779 Billy`s Radioworld 1994/2016

Samstag, 12. April 2014

Sorry that i not pushed so mutsh new qsl cards here in moment not many qso do last qso was 164RC/0
waiting know for qsl card first new one 2014 all holliday pictures from danmark this summer 2014 uploaded by my facebook profil not more here qso what i do come up on my youtube channel when i made one here is more still then new qsl card`s doing only for special new ones like togo not more for europe only for rare ones when i made wilson 1000 still made a good job @ the new qth since 2 years here can wkd many goood stoof with a maximum power handle of 25/50/100/150 Watt Power Swr running ok between 27,000 28,500 mhz 1,4 its ok but used only 11 meter here the other bands only swl job in danmark in start 07.juni 2014 will used dragon ss201 handheld ssb tranciever and teleskopantenna 1,50 think some short skip qso are possibel but made more relaxing there then qso`s i used the radio only time by time as funny iam also happy wehn i do only 5 or 7 qso iam 7 days there all fotos later on facebook wish all happy weekend and see you soon alwaya used 13IR779&13PAS101 Billy 25km from Düsseldorf City right know have all a nice day.............................................................

Sonntag, 2. Februar 2014

291VOG/DX one of the hot new ones of the year 2013

Freitag, 10. Januar 2014

today in my box 37AT/NA122 many many thanks for so beautiful qsl card for the moment all qsl cards recieved need to work soon again a new one best 73`sssss wilson 1000 dxèr